Wembley Link

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Wembley Link

The Wembley Link Project incorporates a structure designated as a “link site,” strategically positioned between Wembley Central and Wembley Stadium. This development is characterised by two distinct blocks, having heights of 17 and 19 stories respectively, connected to the first level. The architectural composition prominently features brick facades, lending a distinctive visual identity to the project.

Each floor of the building attributes an uninterrupted opening, which is supported by Structural Framing System (SFS) panels. Consequently, SFS is reinforced via secondary steel components in order to break supported cill length. Additionally, the secondary steel supporting infill panels was requested in order to provide support to the external balustrade.

Furthermore, the brick parapet design at roof level and balustrade on balconies were designed to be supported by SFS. In the context of our involvement, WBD undertook a series of tasks which encompassed the calculation of the steel framing system, the design of secondary steel elements, and the production of setting out and fabrication drawings.



Client  ―  O'Connor Contracts Ltd Location  ―  London HA0 3RX