Walton Lodge

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Walton Lodge

Walton Lodge is an existing laundry building which dates to 1904. The rear part of the building was demolished, and in its place, a 3-storey plus basement building was erected to provide 1296sqm of 13 self-contained luxury apartments. The iconic façade of the building is locally listed and was required to remain.



Service(s)  ―  Temporary Works Permanent Works Civil Engineering Refurbishment Planning Conditions Location  ―  374 Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8PL

Temporary Works

A box frame was used to create a large temporary opening in the front façade to create access to the site. The basement walls were propped and the ground floor removed to provide the required headroom for the piling rig and muck away lorries. The basement was filled with crush. Once the piling was completed at high level, the filled basement was then ramped so lorries could access the basement and remove the muck from the basement.

Permanent Works

The basement was designed to withstand the hydrostatic pressure from a high-water table on site. The concrete structure was value engineered using advanced structural analysis software. Additionally, long-term deflections and cracked analysis were investigated. The curved steel from the structure was modelled to ensure all applied loads, including wind induced vibrations, were checked.

Civil Engineering

All the drainage was designed by WBD. This included the design of SUDS features (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). All the externals on site were designed by WBD including the pavement design for the pedestrian and vehicular areas.


The front structure remained and will be renovated into both commercial and residential spaces. The existing basement required underpins to reduce the level of the existing basement to the proposed level. The ground floor was replaced. The upper floor required access through level changes.

Planning Conditions

WBD provided services to meet specified planning conditions. These involved Surface Water Schemes, Transport Logistics Plans, Construction Method Statements and Flood Risk Assessments.