Walkways Community Center

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Walkways Community Center

Proposed community centre and associated works at Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.

In this project, WBD was assigned the responsibility of designing the infill panels, downstand, and parapet using a light-steel framing system. These elements were strategically engineered to offer the necessary support for the rainscreen cladding. Furthermore, the SFS system was utilised to provide support for the soffit panels system.

WBD successfully executed the design, calculation, and drawing processes for various aspects of the project. This included the creation of infill panels reaching heights of up to 6 meters, the development of downstand panels, parapet support, and the formulation of the soffit support system. The responsibilities encompassed the formulation of fabrication drawings and precise setting-out guidelines.



Client  ―  O'Connor Contracts Ltd Location  ―  Belfast BT5 5DH