The Music Box

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The Music Box

A residential development in Southwark which includes a collection of 41 luxurious apartments. The lower levels of the building are occupied by the London Centre of Contemporary Music, which inspired the development’s name.



Service(s)  ―  Temporary Works Network Rail Management Location  ―  London College of Creative Media, 50-52 Union St

Temporary Works

The main difficulties with the structure was the surrounding structure’s foundation. As the foundation was unknown before the design of the double basement site, it exposed many difficulties in two elevations on site. Temporary works were required to prop the existing foundations and secant piled walls. The superstructure had a 10m cantilever that required extensive analysis to understand the movements and ensure they were within the facade deflection limits.

Network Rail Management

WBD have extensive experience of management and design for Network Rail submissions. We have worked on numerous projects ensuring the job is completed on time and to the highest standards. In this case, a viaduct and a signal unit were adjacent to the site. The core wall was modelled to understand the cantilevered walls for the slip form. The bulk dig and propping were checked to ensure stability in the temporary condition.