Embassy Gardens

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Embassy Gardens

A 15-acre riverside residential and business development in the Nine Elms district of London. WBD are the temporary works consultant on the project.



Service(s)  ―  Temporary Works Network Rail Submissions Location  ―  New Union Square, 5 Nine Elms Ln, London SW8 5DA

Temporary Works

Part of the works involved the installation of a 2.6m diameter sewer for Thames water. The trench sheets for the excavation supported a 26-storey concrete frame scaffolding and a functioning crane base.  WBD took the design from the contractor to ensure it was completed and to ensure no delays to the programme. WBD Group provided an independent Cat III check on areas deemed high risk. This reduced the risk to the client and contractors on site. It is our priority to help progress designs safely and efficiently, so the programme is never compromised. WBD Group fully analysed the permanent works structure to help resolve construction logistical problems.

Network Rail Submissions

WBD have experience of management and design for Network Rail submissions. We have worked on numerous projects to ensure the job is completed on time avoiding delays caused by disagreements with Network Rail.